Library opens up windows to the world and inspires us to explore and achieve and contribute to improve our quality of life. A well-stacked library is an asset of our school. We arrange books, magazines, journals, newspapers, encyclopedia in a systematic pattern. It is a very spacious hall with comfortable neat and clean furniture, peaceful and scholarly atmosphere where the students can sit and learn comfortably. We have a qualified librarian to guide the students.


Science Lab
Proper and well-equipped Science Laboratories where the students can conduct various kinds of experiments independently and thereby raising their levels of self confidence and developing scientific attitude among them.


Physics Lab
A well equipped physics lab for students to do practicals. In addition to the teacher, a qualified lab assistant is at their services during practicals.


Chemistry Lab
A Well-equipped Chemistry laboratory where the students can carry out all experiments safely. A well qualified lab assistant is available to monitor and help each student to conduct the experiments safely.


Biology Lab

Well structured Biology Lab where each student is encouraged to explore and understand the concept through experiments


Computer Lab

Two separate labs with latest technologies for juniors and seniors. Different terminals in each lab are connected with network to facilitate internet use as and when required.


Mathematics Lab

Students are provided an opportunity to understand, learn and explore mathematical concepts through a variety of activities using different materials. Activities conducted under the supervision of well experienced Maths teachers make learning the subject interesting. 


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